By Kimberly Hampton & Kristen Edwards

In the game, “Never Have I Ever,” one person stands up and says something that they’ve never done or experienced. Someone might say, “Never have I ever broken a bone.” Anyone that has broken a bone must sit down; essentially, they are eliminated from the game. …

You may have wondered, how did all the “go-green” and environmental movements get started? This question recently resurfaced for me when I moved to the city of Magna, Utah. For example, the day we were moving in builders brought to our attention some water regulations that the City of Magna enforces: there must be two lines of water a house uses — one for the yard and one for the home. The yard water is not safe to drink, as it’s connected to sewage and backwash. …

Kimberly Hampton

Jane-of-All-Trades, I’m passionate about life. Whether it’s adventures overseas or in my community, I love learning about others and myself.

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